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Why a global pandemic provided the perfect time to give ourselves a facelift

There haven’t been many silver linings for businesses during this year’s global pandemic but one industry that has reported a spike in demand has been the cosmetic surgery market. Known as the ‘Zoom Boom’, doctors and plastic surgeons from around the world have reportedly noticed a dramatic uptake in procedures, as endless video calls left…

The Design Diaries: The Website

Welcome to the final instalment of the design diaries — following graphic designer Rachel as she develops a new look for Clark Communications.

Meet the team — lockdown edition

15-week old Harry the Dachshund is a welcome addition to team meetings!

PR events in a time of Covid

We are in the midst of a brave new world. Learning new skills and tailoring processes that six months ago were natural to us.

The Design Diaries: Branding

We’re back with the next instalment of our design diaries — following graphic designer Rachel as she develops a new look for Clark Communications.

Hacks vs Flacks… why it doesn’t really have to be that way.

Following the fallout from this year’s exam results fiasco, various stories started popping up to help ease students’ fears about potentially not securing a university place.

Meet the Team

Name: Carrie Wieteska | Role: Account Manager | What project / client are you most looking forward to working on?

The Design Diaries: Adventures in branding and web design

Clark Communications is getting a new look, here’s how we’re doing it…

Step #1: Briefing, planning, research

Meet the Team

Name: Rachel Russell

Role: Graphic Designer

What project / client are you most looking forward to working on?

As it turns out, pivoting is a team sport

There have been many steep challenges to face over the last few months and the vast majority of businesses have suffered some sort of setback. But what about the highlights?


From day dot, it’s instilled in young people that the grades achieved as teenagers will map out the rest of their life.

Meet the Team

Name: Heather Peebles

Role: Senior Account Manager

What project / client are you most looking forward to working on?

LinkedIn’s new analytics tool: the one we’ve been waiting for?

If you manage social media platforms, particularly those for B2B or professional services businesses, you’ll join me in lamenting LinkedIn’s follower analysis.

Meet the team- Lockdown edition

Lesley’s Lockdown Look: our very own ‘Queen of the Jungle’

Name: Lesley Brydon

Role: Managing Director

Meet the team: Lockdown edition

Kirsten’s Lockdown Look: Making the most of her live-in interns

Name: Kirsten Paul

Role: Account Director

Why tech companies need a comms champion

Having worked in tech PR for over a decade, I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of businesses — from Fortune 500 companies to scale-ups

Meet the team — lockdown edition

Angela’s Lockdown Look: from city centre office to dining room table Name: Angela Hughes Role: Director Client highlight during lockdown: The work we deliver for Virgin Money brings us into contact with their business customers and I’ve been talking to them about the financial challenges brought on by coronavirus. Some have taken a substantial hit on…

Journey into the unknown

Lesley Brydon, Managing Director With rumblings of lockdown being lifted, albeit at different rates north and south, everybody’s heads are now turning towards ‘exit strategy’. I prefer to call it a re-entry strategy — we are not so much getting out of something but heading into new territory. And what an opportunity this provides for businesses to…

Meet the team: Lockdown edition

Tash’s Lockdown Look: Surviving open-plan living Name: Natasha Mahoney Role: Digital Manager Client highlight during lockdown: I’ve loved working with Seafood Scotland on their Seafood Supper Club events. We’ve been promoting the health benefits and easy cooking of fresh Scottish seafood with virtual dinner parties in various regions of Scotland. Each has been hosted by…

#ICYMI — 22nd May 2020

With a little light starting to appear at the end of the lockdown tunnel, it’s time for this week’s #ICYMI. There continues to be lots of good news which keeps us hopeful — here are some of the stories we’ve been talking about this week. Connecting the community: Being able to keep in touch with family digitally…

Meet the Team: Lockdown Edition

Name: Lisa Donnelly Role: Senior account manager Client highlight during lockdown I’ve loved seeing my client Glasgow Clyde College adapt their teaching and delivery to ensure students are getting as much support with their course work as possible. Hairdressing students are practising their skills on family members, dance students are choreographing routines in their living…

#ICYMI — 15th May 2020

Welcome back to the latest #ICYMI. It feels as though time is flying in, it’s hard to believe we’ve reached mid-May!

Facebook’s guide to digital communication: what’s the etiquette for businesses and employees?

We’re now seven weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown, and although gentle steps are being taken to ease lockdown protocols south of the border…

#ICYMI — 8th May 2020

As we get to the end of week six in lockdown, it’s been another busy one for us in our remote “offices” and so, many stories in the latest edition of #ICYMI stem from our own clients.

Plan employee engagement with Coronavirus exit strategy

In the first instalment of our internal communications advice blog, we focused on what companies can be doing now to maintain an engaged workforce.

Lockdown: robust internal comms practice to survive the pandemic

In part one of our internal communications blog, we cover the importance of strategy, visibility and compassion.

#ICYMI — 1st May 2020

As we reach the end of another week in lockdown and the beginning of a new month, it’s time for our latest edition of #ICYMI.

The Essential Digital Platforms for Right Now

The business landscape looks a little different these days, with the majority of the UK’s office workers now working from home.

Communicating during Coronavirus

Before Coronavirus, we would have said that very few businesses will encounter a true crisis — where a catastrophic event happens and in a moment the norm is flipped upside down.

#ICYMI – 24th April 2020

Time for the latest #ICYMI. As week five of lockdown comes to an end, we have pulled together a roundup of some news stories we have found interesting.

Planning in a pandemic

Covid-19 has completely blindsided us. It has also almost certainly challenged each of us both at home and at work. All the plans we had 

Maintaining Team Morale

Right now, we are all trying to adjust to circumstances we could never have predicted. Most of us were at our desks on March 23rd feeling a wee bit uneasy 

#ICYMI — 17th April 2020

We’re back for another #ICYMI. Rather unsurprisingly, it’s been another bumper week and between debate around lockdown extensions and Donald Trump

Work in tech? Don’t get caught up in the hype

Have you noticed that as technology advances, so does our use of complicated jargon? Having worked with technology companies for over a decade…

#ICYMI — 9th April 2020

There is no denying that the news agenda is moving faster than a barman at a PR awards ceremony. This has meant that a lot of news might not be getting the kudos it deserves.

Credibility is vital in a crisis

It’s challenging to get people to respond to social marketing messages that are for their own personal good and that of society.