Embrace the Workfluencer Revolution: Redefining your B2B Brand reputation in a Post-COVID World

by Kirsty McLaren, Digital Account Director

Over the past three years, we’ve seen a significant shift in how companies and brands market themselves online.

Pre-Covid, social media was primarily used by B2B brands to push their product, shout about company successes, promote events or showcase top executives on platforms like LinkedIn. But lockdown accelerated a change in workplace culture, and suddenly content which addressed topics like mental health or juggling that work/life balance became relevant, and even expected. B2B content on social media would likely have evolved over time to become more human, more unfiltered and authentic, but COVID and lockdown created the perfect conditions for a culture-content explosion.

Welcome to the era of human-to-human B2B interactions. The definition of professionalism on social media has evolved. And in this hybrid, human working environment, a new type of superuser has emerged—the “workfluencer.”

They are your employees, and they have your audience in the palm of their hand.

These workfluencers offer an authentic and relatable perspective, seamlessly blending the lifestyle appeal of traditional influencers with the profound business insights once reserved for CEOs. They provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their working world, captivating followers that span clients, industry peers, and potential employees.

In other words, workfluencers are an untapped goldmine for building brand reputation and attracting talent.

So how can you create and then utilise workfluencers for your company’s brand reputation?

1. Empower your employees

Your employees are the true champions of your brand, and they speak with the authentic voice needed to shape your reputation. Encourage them to create compelling content that showcases their expertise and work experiences. Make sharing on social a safe space, and lead by example. Yes, you!

2. Show the world who you are

Remember, it’s not just about what you do but how you do it. Your company culture is a magnet for top talent. Showcase it through behind-the-scenes glimpses, employee stories, or company events, and give potential employees a true taste of what it’s like to work at your company.

3. Leverage workfluencers as thought leaders

Your employees often have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the latest industry trends and insights. You’ll find passionate experts at every level of your organisation, and in every department. Tap into their expertise and invite them to contribute to your company’s thought leadership content. This could be in the form of guest blog posts, podcast interviews, or webinars.

4. Utilise employee advocacy platforms

Employee advocacy platforms are tools that make it easy for employees to share pre-approved content on their social media channels. By using these platforms, you can amplify your brand message and increase your reach on social media. They can also help you track employee engagement and identify your workfluencers.

5. Host employee takeover days

These are an excellent way to showcase your company culture and give your employees an excuse to share their experiences. Encourage your colleagues to take over your company’s social media accounts for a day and share their thoughts insights, and expertise. Make it a regular series and feature unexpected voices and perspectives. Remember, authentic experiences are the name of the game.

The rise of workfluencers heralds a new era of inclusive and authentic conversations about work and professional life. It sounds intimidating, but this is a good thing! Remember, your employees are the beating heart of your organisation, and they hold the key to unique perspectives, thought leadership, and the future of your business.

By embracing them and leveraging their insights, you can build and nurture a more genuine connection with your audience, and drive meaningful change within your organisation.