Global tech’s best kept secret?

Question: What do logarithms, MRI scanners, cash machines, and Grand Theft Auto have in common?

Answer: they were all invented in Scotland.

Many people abroad associate Scotland with bagpipes, castles, salmon, Irn Bru…all of which, of course, are important parts of Scottish culture. But technology and innovation should be included in that list, too.

Despite its small size, Scotland is a land with a legacy for ingenuity and invention. This won’t change any time soon. Between the Scottish Government’s digital strategy, its recently launched AI strategy, the Logan Report, and a host of laws around deploying technology, we are unquestionably working towards becoming a “trustworthy, ethical, and inclusive” world leader in tech. The £1m tech ecosystem fund Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy Kate Forbes spoke about in her keynote speech at EIE21 just last week is a huge step forward for this: meaning more investment in start-ups, programmes to increase and improve tech education and recruitment, and encouraging more investment in the tech sector overall.

We are heading towards a tech boom that will hopefully put us on par with Silicon Valley or the Silicon Roundabout. Perhaps we will see the rebirth of a Silicon Glen; one focused on the ever-growing tech sector rather than electronics manufacturing.

But what does this focus on tech mean for the communications sector?

Marketing, SEO, and advertising firms will need to pay close attention to tactics such as cookies and analytics – of course, they want clients to reach their intended audience but the law is now clear on permissions and tagging.

For PR firms, it’s a bit different. We don’t so much use the technology; we help our clients shout about it. And the noise is just going to get louder as more people vie for attention; Digital Scotland noted the tech sector is forecast to be one of the fastest growing sectors in Scotland to 2029, growing 1.5 times faster than the economy – so it’s even more important to use specialists who know the tech scene.

Getting your tech business in front of the crowd and making sure people pay attention is what we do. Whether it’s touting the £1 million you saved a client or tying the results of your survey into a cyber crime spree abroad and getting national coverage, we know how to get your name out there.

And even if you don’t think you have anything major to say, we can help you find your voice. We know you have something to say; after all, your innovations are just as much a part of this country as whisky and haggis. As Kate Forbes noted, Scotland is global tech’s best kept secret – it’s time to let the secret out.