Meet the Team: Lockdown Edition

Name: Lisa Donnelly

Role: Senior account manager

Client highlight during lockdown

I’ve loved seeing my client Glasgow Clyde College adapt their teaching and delivery to ensure students are getting as much support with their course work as possible. Hairdressing students are practising their skills on family members, dance students are choreographing routines in their living room, fashion textiles students are making scrubs for those who need them, and nursing students have joined the frontline of the NHS to fill vitally important roles. It’s been really heartening to speak to lecturers and staff about all the measures put in place to ensure students are still getting the best experience possible; which includes donating laptops and 4G dongles to any students who are struggling to get online at home. We’ve been able to share these stories with media in a series of interviews, thought leadership pieces and video content.

What will comms look like post Covid-19?

I think we will see even more collaboration than before the virus hit. We’ve been united by a common enemy, and during this time, everyone has been more open, understanding and helpful, which is conducive to a collaborative approach. Worked with journalists to find out how we can tailor our content and approach to best fit with their new ways of working. Spoken to other agencies and our industry peers to find out how they’re managing specific processes, and we’re helping clients navigate unknown waters, so there’s more freedom to try new approaches.

Positive outcomes from lockdown

Apart from saving money and time by not commuting or buying lattes, I’ve grown to love video calls. Meeting people has always been one of my favourite parts of the job, but I’ve found that lots of people I would normally have a ten-minute phone call with are now using video calling instead. Bonding over a dodgy Wi-Fi connection or figuring out which of you has muted their microphone is actually a great relationship builder.