Meet the Team

Name: Carrie Wieteska

Role: Account Manager

What project / client are you most looking forward to working on? I’ve really enjoyed working with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and am excited to continue the job. At the start of the pandemic, SBRC really focussed its efforts on helping the Scottish business community come together and share knowledge, to ensure as many businesses as possible survived lockdown. It’s been wonderful to see so many organisations benefit from SBRC’s work.

What will comms look like post Covid-19? While traditionally communications budgets were the first to go during times of economic crises, this pandemic has reinforced the idea that reputation is king.

Over the past few months, I’ve read stories about customers avoiding companies because of how they treated staff during lockdown. On the other hand, many local businesses have found themselves exceeding expectations for business during a pandemic due to their quick-thinking and good communications about supporting their community and altering their business models to meet government guidelines. Being a responsible, socially aware business that listens to experts will be vital in the near future — as will communicating these qualities.

Positive outcomes from lockdown: Since being at home, I’ve spoken to my neighbours more than ever before. My street has come together to help those in need, to share items that might have otherwise been thrown away, to help keep children entertained. We’ve shared advice and complaints and really come together as a community.

I think the same has held true at work: while the Clark Communications team has always been close, remote working has given us new insight into each other’s home lives and, with that, more empathy and understanding.