Meet the team- Lockdown edition

Lesley’s Lockdown Look: our very own ‘Queen of the Jungle’

Name: Lesley Brydon

Role: Managing Director

Client highlight during lockdown:

Seafood Scotland is the marketing body for Scottish seafood, enhancing the global market for our amazing bounty. Overnight, the export market all but disappeared, so we worked as a united team to develop a programme to boost the domestic industry instead. And it has had our creative bones working overtime ever since.

Over the last four months our amazing relationship with their whole team has really come to the fore. Because of this, we (agency and client) were able to switch into ‘crisis’ mode very quickly and work as one team to turn the boat around (pun entirely intended) with agility and insight.

What will comms look like post Covid-19?

Given that I’ve been around for a while (ahem), I’ve worked through a few crises, although nothing like a global pandemic. This is the first time, during a shared crisis, that comms has climbed farther up the agenda rather than moving down or being struck off altogether the minute the economy is negatively impacted. The message that comms, whether internal or external, must be more engaging and more frequent in a time of crisis has really resonated in the boardroom. The businesses that communicate well in challenging times will have more staying power.

Positive outcomes from lockdown:

Last year our team was asking for more flexible working. Now everyone wants to be back in the office! I think having experienced both extremes, and been better for it, the middle road is going to come more naturally to us all. Our brilliant team has responded astonishingly well to everything that’s been thrown their way, and we all understand that the challenges aren’t over. Personally, I’ve enjoyed working from home more and will not be going back to five days a week in the office. I don’t think Ian the dog would forgive me if I did…

For me, the client response to this situation has been heartening and at times, a little overwhelming. From the clients that took the time early on in lockdown to unambiguously affirm their long-term commitment to our partnership, to those that have subtly accelerated their payment runs to help with cashflow — without asking whether or not we needed that, these are the surprising little acts of support and kindness that have been noticed.

Overall businesses are being kinder and more helpful to each other — if we can bottle that for the future then we are travelling towards something good, even if there will be rockfalls to navigate along the way.