Motion graphics – DO believe the hype!

by Rocío Camacho, Graphic Designer

In an increasingly digital world, attention spans are getting shorter. Where once a 700-word blog would hold your audience’s attention alone, or a lengthy text-only social post, nowadays your audience doesn’t have the time or attention span to take it all in. Gone are the days of expecting sparkling copy alone to do the heavy lifting when it comes to stopping the scroll! 

Thankfully, motion graphics can help you communicate a message effectively whilst also adding dynamism to your content.  

Animated content is a great way to bring who you are to life. In a sea of static images, animations breathe life into simple messaging, grabbing attention and making your message stand out. Longer animations, such as explainer videos, provide a great way of presenting long, complex pieces of information in easily absorbed bite-size pieces. At the other end of the scale, animated social tiles or a simple logo animation are excellent for reinforcing your brand and drawing attention to key points of your message. Whatever format you choose, motion graphics can make your content pop and prompt your audience to pause and do a double-take.  

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Data visualisation can also hugely benefit by utilising motion graphics. Complicated concepts can be made accessible when broken into short, animated bite-sized chunks. You can also cater to multiple audiences with different needs. Not relying on one medium for storytelling opens the possibilities to multiple ways of communicating, combining visual cues with captions and providing the option to narrate allows for a wider audience to get to know you. 

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Above all, an animation is entertaining. Motion graphics don’t need to stick to the realms of what’s possible in reality. There are hundreds of ways to illustrate concepts and they can be as stylised as you are willing to make them. The aim is to engage viewers and help them remember your brand, and conceptual, imaginative visuals can be an impressive point of difference between you and your competitors.  

The process of moving from abstract concept to fully fleshed animation, constructing the animated universe in which your messaging will exist is what we love! And we’re lucky that at Clark, our passion is also our day job.   

While motion graphics can take more time to ideate, create and sign off, it’s a worthy endeavour, as the opportunities for impactful payoff are only limited by the bounds of the imagination. We’ve seen this in practice with our clients who have taken the leap, and the results speak for themselves, with increased engagement, impressions and brand awareness across the board. 

Are you considering levelling up your design to include motion graphics? Take a closer look at what we do over at the Clark Studio, here