Why a global pandemic provided the perfect time to give ourselves a facelift

by Heather Peebles, Senior Account Manager

There haven’t been many silver linings for businesses during this year’s global pandemic but one industry that has reported a spike in demand has been the cosmetic surgery market. Known as the ‘Zoom Boom’, doctors and plastic surgeons from around the world have reportedly noticed a dramatic uptake in procedures, as endless video calls left many scrutinising every feature of their ‘lockdown faces’.

While none of our team have gone under the knife during lockdown, the past few months have left us analysing our business’ online image. With all of our new business networking and pitching forced into the digital sphere, we soon realised that our old brand and website didn’t do us justice when it came to the breadth of work and services we can and do deliver.

Why we needed a facelift

While we always strive to create captivating content, build beautiful brands and share scintillating stories for our clients, our own brand and website was looking, well, a tad outdated. Admittedly, a brand revamp had been on the cards for a while but as I’m sure many agency owners can relate to, somewhere between keeping clients happy, building the team and paying invoices on time, our own website design always seemed to end up at the bottom of the to-do list. Cobbler’s bairns and all that.

This had been OK, pre pandemic, as a lot of our business had been done through word of mouth recommendations or through introductions to new clients at in-person events (remember those!). With the ‘new normal’ making this impossible for the foreseeable however our own ‘shop front’ became more important than ever before.

This prompted us to do a bit of soul searching about where our business was at and where we wanted it to go. Since our humble beginnings as a one-man-band in 2012, Clark has since grown to 10 people with 87 years of combined experience, spanning 2 cities.

Evidently, a lot has changed as we’ve become more confident and assured in the work we do and we wanted our new look to reflect this.  Although we were born out of PR, our skillset stretches far beyond the traditional elements of public relations with our design and digital services becoming more advanced and popular than ever. We have an integrated offer where just about any design and communication needs can be met, from pixel to print, and live experiences.  And on the identity front, many of our clients were already calling us ‘Clark’ so we decided to run with it as part of our bold new look.

In terms of what our changes mean for our clients… well, not a lot to be honest.  We’ll still be delivering the same top-level service they’ve become accustomed, but they may notice a few cosmetic changes when it comes to the documents we send across.

The response

From the feedback we’ve received so far this week the new look has been a hit! With clients complimenting us, new business opportunities arising, prospective CVs flying in and most importantly of all a team who have a revived sense of pride in the company they work for.

It just goes to show the real tangible benefits top quality design and comms can bring to a business; and we’re delighted that we can finally practice what we preach to our clients… even if it did take a global pandemic to put the wheels into motion!

Let us know what you think of our new look and if you would like to find out about how our PR, digital and design expertise can help your business, get in touch today.