Why a brand book is an essential tool for our business?

brand book
by Rachel Russel, Graphic Designer

The final stage of the Clark rebrand was to bring every element together in a brand book. This is a document that outlines how our new brand should be applied throughout the business, owned by every member of our team. The brand book begins with the more obvious visual elements of the brand; the logo, typography and colour values and the ways which they should (and shouldn’t) be used. However, it goes much further than this, laying out our values and mission as a company and ensuring that everything we do reflects our brand values. From how we craft a tweet to the way we present ourselves in a new business pitch, the brand book has it covered.

Here are just a few reasons why a brand book is essential:


When building brand awareness of a growing company, consistency is so important. A clear, easy-to-understand brand book is a great tool to ensure that everyone at all levels of the business has a resource to make the work they are producing true to the brand. This also makes working with external suppliers and stakeholders, who might not be so familiar with the brand, so much easier.

Uniting the team

At a time when the physical space that united us as colleagues isn’t available it’s more important than ever that we find other ways to work as a team. A strong understanding of and pride in our brand is a great way to do this.

New team members

Coming into a business and learning the ropes is daunting at the best of times. But during home working, without the opportunity for real life contact with your workmates, having clear guidelines for the work you’re producing is an essential asset.

Working efficiently and creatively

How much time and energy are saved when you have a clear sense of how a document should look and sound? If you’re not reinventing the wheel or asking for guidance on correct logo files every time you start a piece of work, your creativity and time is being channelled where it should be; producing the best, most creative work for clients.

In short, the brand book is a statement of intent for Clark. It explains how we want to be seen by the world and allows our team to put that into action.

See some of the elements of our brand book here; and get in touch if we can help you build your brand book.