A day in the life of an account executive: the Clark way

Account executive planning
by Joel Meekison

Blink… and you’ve been here six months. My time as an account executive at Clark so far has flown by and been packed with loads of opportunities to learn and grow my skills in communications. When I envisaged my career in PR it turns out I had a pretty good idea of what was in store for me – I just didn’t think I’d be doing it hands-on quite so soon.

Joining an agency as it grows makes for a very dynamic space to learn. Without the usual traits which come with junior roles like a decades-old trodden path in front of you for professional learning and development, at a growing agency things are always changing. Fresh expertise is regularly being drawn into the business, new clients coming on board frequently results in a changing landscape in which to learn and with daily access to people with different specialisms I can always get my question answered.

At Clark I felt like an integral member of the team from the very beginning. From handling media enquiries and press releases to researching and writing articles, I’ve had a chance to do it all. Within client teams, I see my work through from the concept to the planning stage and then implementing. The strength of this process at Clark is driven by having my ideas taken seriously and on par with even the most senior members of the team. In that sense, ‘Good ideas can come from anywhere’ is an adage practised just as much as it is preached.

Lastly, it would be impossible to talk about any office role now without considering how working from home features. While many self-help gurus and wellbeing consultants are far more qualified than me to tell you about the need for your daily walk, there are some benefits to be found too. There is a level of autonomy about the work you are given when you are working from home; it lets you discover your own ability to handle tasks, learn from your mistakes and provides a fast opportunity to learn.

Despite working virtually the whole team at Clark embody a welcoming and friendly working environment. It is based on the ethos of being present even when you’re not. By frequently checking in with each other and being available if questions arise, it allows everyone to stay connected even when we are not in one office.

Of course, no one knows what the next six months might bring; another lockdown? Hopefully not. Another series with Martin Compston? Ideally yes. However, amongst that uncertainty for me and the team at Clark another exciting and fast-paced year of delivering excellent results is a certainty, and better yet, you can join us too.

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