The Scotland 5G Centre: 5G Whisky Distillery Report

In 2023, the national innovation centre commissioned Jacobs to explore the potential use of 5G in whisky distilleries. The report revealed that £376,500 of potential benefits could be realised for a single medium-large distillery on an annual basis if they implemented 5G technology.

With 146 malt and grain distilleries in Scotland producing around 401 million litres per year, we worked with the S5GC to consider what the broader economic impact for the sector could be if every distillery invested in 5G technology. We found that the potential cost saving could be £30m over five years.

Leading with significant cost benefits to the sector, we activated a targeted media campaign resulting in widespread coverage across the Scottish business and tech media, as well as the telco and food and drink vertical media. This was then further amplified via promotion on owned digital channels and direct engagement with the sector by the internal S5GC team.

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